Agency “McCann Belgrade” the most successful in 2013

Belgrade, 16. April 2014 – Agency “McCann Belgrade” won the award for the best campaign of the year at “The Power of Creativity” awards.
The “Can” campaign for Raiffeisen bank was declared “The Best of the Best”, which the jury deemed the most eye-catching of the previous year, while agency “McCann Belgrade” also won four other awards for their campaigns “When driving, park the phone”, “Schweppes – only for grown-ups”, “Lav Beer – Mini” and “Can”.
Aside from the campaign of the year award, Raiffeisen bank’s “Can” campaign also won the award in the ‘banking and financial services and trade’ category. The “When driving, park the phone” campaign for Telekom Serbia won the award in the ‘non-profit campaign’ category, while the “Schweppes – only for grown-ups” campaign triumphed in the ‘non-alcoholic beverages’ category for Coca-Cola. Meanwhile, the creative team at agency “McCann Belgrade” took home the title in the ‘alcoholic drinks’ category for their “Lav Beer – Mini” campaign, which was executed for Carlsberg.
“We’re proud of winning awards in four different categories, including the most important one, for campaign of the year, which was held for the first time this year. We’re especially pleased that the winning campaigns came out of partnerships with our longtime clients. Aside from recognizing creativity through positive responses fr0m consumers, and from within our industry as well, we’re also pleased with the results that our one-of-a-kind campaigns generated for our brands, or our clients businesses, rather. In that regard, this success is complete”, declared Olivera Perkovic, the director of agency “McCann Belgrade”.
The “Can” campaign was executed for Raiffeisen Bank’s cash credit and current accounts, it achieved great success and became a real cultural phenomenon in the form of a spontaneous viral on social media. Not only did people begin reciting dialogue from the commercial at every turn, they flooded the Internet with meme images in which the campaign’s protagonists were seen in entertaining and unexpected situations. The “Can” campaign didn’t just achieve great commercial results, it also showed that one entertaining idea can stimulate great public attention and tangible business impact.
“We’re incredibly proud of the “Can” campaign, and we’re glad that its quality was recognized by the most competent people in the industry. Growth in all the key indicators that measure a campaign’s success confirms its efficacy. However, what we’re especially proud of is the fact that its clear and concise slogan propelled it to wide exposure and in that respect “came to life” through people, that it became impossible to say “can”, a totally ordinary and often-used word, without thinking about Raiffeisen Bank’s ad”, declared Katarina Gaborovic, the directors of Raiffeisen Bank’s marketing and PR department.
The campaign “when driving, park your phone!”, was initiated by Telekom Serbia in conjunction with their parners, the administration of traffic police, ministry of internal affairs and the Serbian committee for traffic safety, whose aim was to raise people’s awareness, especially that of young drivers, about the dangers of using your mobile phone whilst driving. It was declared the best in the non-profit campaign category.
“As a company that offers a wide range of services, whose users are predominantly from  a younger demographic, we try make sure our services are used responsibly, or rather, that phones are only utilized within the laws of appropriate use. In that way, the company eschews profit in favour of greater safety on the roads. Through the help of our partners and the support of agency “McCann Belgrade”, we managed to achieve meaningful results: polls show a change amongst drivers in regards to the safe use of mobile phones, the campaign crossed over from advertising into educational activities, such as lecturing high school students about the dangers of using mobile phones, while the support of expert opinions confirms that we’re addressing the right topics”, claims Ivana Filipovic, Telekom Serbia’s general manager for corporate and social responsibility.
 “The Power of Creativity”, an annual competition for creative work, was organized for the sixth time by specialized marketing magazine, “Taboo”.