“McCann Truth Central Beograd” presented a study ‘The truths about new Serbian mum’
Belgrade, 3rd December,  2013. – Creative agency “McCann Beograd” and its expert center „McCann Truth Central Beograd” presented results of the research „Truth about new Serbian mom“. On this occasion, a panel discussion was held, where participants could compare their personal experience with the results of this study.  
Guests on the panel discussion were moms: Ana Sofrenović, actress, Suzana Trninić, author and host of the show “Kažiprst” on TV B92, Ljubinka Zarubica, director of marketing and development in “Telekom Srbija”, Tijana Vraneš, psychologist psychotherapist, Maja Lalić, architect and founder of „Mikser” organization, Katarina Pribićević, director of strategic planning in the agency “McCann Belgrade”, and a dad: Andrija Gerić, trophy winning volleyball player and former representative in the national team. Participants agreed that the model of a mother that generations grew up with has been changed, and that technological development with the possibility of easier access to information influenced modern Serbian mom’s way of thinking. 
The basic difference between Serbian contemporary moms and global moms is the way they organise their time: family and work obligations and the time they leave for themselves. „The prevalence of digital technologies in developed countries have made it easier for moms to balance their roles and responsibilities“, says Katarina Pribićević from the agency “McCann Belgrade” and adds that, in Serbia, although there has been a significant growth in the use of new technologies, only 9% of moms consider themselves technology experts, compared to 25% mothers globally. However, even though they say they are not experts, 89% of Serbian moms claim that technology makes their life easier. We can conclude that technology makes them better moms, but they still do not use advantages of technology in the same extent as moms from developed countries.
Contemporary mom juggles with a great number of obligations every day. How big is the pressure for a mom to achieve everything right in this moment, a successful career, impeccable house, sleek appearance and always keep a smile on her face? 63% of women globally think that the pressure is too big, while in Serbia 79% of women agree. Global research shows that 65% of women discard the idea of a supermom. It is similar in Serbia, where 67% contemporary moms do not consider themselves a supermom. They see themselves simply as a smart mom. Mothers today want their children to have a realistic idea about who they are in a whole, including both their flaws and their strengths.