Visual identity

Vlasina is not well-known for  a relevant and attractive tourist destination so our task is to raise the awareness about Vlasina as an attractive destination for eco-tourism and to inform public about the uniqueness of rich ecosystem.

The ambition of the brand itself is to become an appealing getaway place for vacation & recreational activities during the whole year.Both slogan and visual execution are in a form of invitation that shows, in authentic and abstract way, the nature and invites tourists to explore this unique natural oasis.



The creative idea is to have the elements that communicate the accessibility and pleasantness of this oasis.
Visualization expression is airy, fresh and vibrant form with playful color scheme.
Flexibility and applicability of shapes and colors for further branding implementation are taken for consideration. 





Creative idea and art direction: Ivana Savić
Branding Director: Ljiljana Radosavljević