On Thursday 21.04.2016. we have had yet another Open day for students as part of the McCann Steamboating. Our goal is educating the public, especially students and young future colleagues, and we are devoted to it for quite some time. 
This time, the main theme was unknown expressions, foreign words and abbreviations, which are widely spread in advertising industry. 
We have explained 30 terms through fun examples and illustrations, and the lecturers were our colleagues Željka Mičić from the sector of Strategic Planning, and Jelena Mihajlović in front of the Client Service, and Milena Kvapil as a representor of the Creative Department.
The students from several Belgrade colleges were attending the lecture, and many of them have used the opportunity not only to pose questions and learn more about working in advertising agency, but also to apply for the practice program which has been a great success throughout member agencies of I&FMcCann Grupa.
We have another useful McCann lecture for students planned for this autumn, and in the meantime, we plan more cultural events. See ya!