Do we use social networks wisely?

Our young coworkers Jovana Kovacevic, Social Media Manager and Bojana Stajkic, Project Manager for PR service attended an interesting lecture held by Dr Jillian Ney - INTELLIGENCE IN SOCIAL MEDIA on February 25th
How did the lecture go, and what have they found out, let's ask Bojana i Jovana:
Jovana Kovačević
The lecture by Dr Ney was divided in three logical segments. We were led through it from the very beginning of work in "Social Media" - the analysis and further elaboration of audience right to the end - which is what we have to pay our attention to and build upon, especially when this kind of marketing is in question.    
The particularly interesting part was the one called "Benefits, Barriers, Boosters", where we had the chance to find out all the advantages of using   social network wisely, weather we are the client, or the other side. 
By using deep analysis of the Social Media communication, we can get to our target audience, competition, and of course - the consumer. 
Main focus when analyzing is not on demographics and general parameters, although is widely used, but on "the consumer's experience".
The lecture ended by group work on theme "Organic Food" - it was necessary to create branding, positioning it on Social Media channels, as well as the crisis management. 
This lecture is another proof how delicate and complicated is the Community Manager position, and also that in this profession there is always room for learning and progressing.   
Bojana Stajkić