Since a large increase in traffic accidents in which the cause was irresponsible cell phone use has been recorded in Serbia, Telekom Srbija company has, as a national operator, felt the responsibility to influence their own, but also all other cell phone users. It is for the first time in this region that a single institution has decided to deal with the problems of cell phone use while driving. 



Therefore, our goal was to draw the attention of drivers and the general public to risks of cell phone use while driving. Our wish was to evoke a strong sense of identification and showcase how the use of cell phones while driving affects the drivers’ perception, the ability to react to what’s happening in traffic, which is often unpredictable, as well as point out the possible consequences.
We have succeeded at creating a campaign which arouses feelings, has an element of surprise, and is at the same time very simple.
In addition to the TV commercial, which has generated most of the attention and has conveyed the main idea of the campaign and the usual communication channels such as print and OOH, we have also placed interactive web banners, as well as a series of funny and intriguing radio ads. We have used social networks, and placed a strong emphasis on BTL actions which have triggered a strong PR effect, primarily thanks to the campaign promoters – the popular athletes Ivana Španović and Emir Bekrić, who acted as members of the patrols which control the drivers’ actions in traffic and informed them of the risks of cell phone use while driving.
Nearly every domestic media outlet has devoted their space for this campaign. The results of the survey, which was conducted among the citizens by the Serbian Committee for Safety in Traffic and the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, show that 96% of respondents have noticed the campaign and considered it to be positive.
The success of the Telekom campaign certainly does lie in the fact that the TV commercial was a success on YouTube, with 91.550 views.
Many international websites have shared the video, calling it “The best anti-cell phone use while driving ad.” The true indicator of the importance of the topic is the reaction of the visitors to, where the campaign video has garnered 31.000 views in 14 hours, and has at this point been viewed 202.968 times and shared 83.641 times.